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Smart Optic

Ai Data Bridge's Smart Optic

Unified Data

Data comes to life when your organization merges its many fragmented data sources into a single central view.  When your organization is able to unify its data with Ai Data Bridge, it makes all of its business units more productive.  Organizations that succeed at unifying their data are better able to plan, budget, forecast, build, and enhance their products and services.  


Unified Data Optic

AI Data Bridge’s tools for unifying data rely on our Unified Data Optic to help your organization visualize its activity and unified data.  Our Unified Data Optic provides a more complete and accurate picture of unified data, but unifying the data is far from simple.  In order to tie data sources together, your organization needs a system to unite them, and that is exactly what Ai Data Bridge does better than any other technology.

Ai Data Detect’s Indexing Database

One of the key benefits of Unified Data Optic is its ability to seamlessly integrate data information from diverse sources into a central view in Unified Data Optic’s Indexing Database.  This indexing database is the Unified Data Optic which provides a remarkable map of unified data assets, making it easier to locate and access the right information and enhancing efficiency and decision-making capabilities.


Unified Data Optic’s Indexing Database is built on Elasticsearch, a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine.  Elasticsearch offers enhanced search capabilities and scalability, especially for unstructured data.  It excels at full-text search, provides powerful analytics capabilities, and is suitable for applications that rely heavily on full-text search or need to analyze large volumes of unstructured data.

  1. Unifying Data for Enhanced Productivity
    By seamlessly integrating data information from diverse sources into a central view, Ai Data Bridge's Unified Data Optic empowers your organization to enhance productivity across all business units.  Unified data enables better planning, budgeting, forecasting, and product/service enhancement, fostering innovation and growth.

  2. Comprehensive Data Governance
    Data Governance is critical for ensuring data quality, security, compliance, and effective information management.  Unified Data Optic encompasses Ai Data Bridge's advanced Data Governance features, including data classification, metadata management, sensitivity labeling, and integration with various data catalogs and systems.  This enables your organization to better understand, manage, and mitigate risks associated with its data.  It supports compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR or HIPAA, and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.

  3. Total Data Accessibility and Visibility
    With the vast volume of data generated, locating and accessing the right information can be challenging.  One of the key advantages of our Unified Data Optic is its unparalleled data accessibility.  By providing a single view of all data assets, you can easily locate and access the data you need, enhancing your efficiency and decision-making capabilities.  Moreover, it ensures you maintain control, ownership, and compliance as your organization adopts new sources and applications.  This promotes efficient decision-making, collaboration, and retention of control and ownership over data assets.

  4. Enhanced Information Governance
    Information Governance is vital for managing data throughout its lifecycle and ensuring compliance.  Ai Data Bridge provides tools and features to support effective Information Governance, facilitating data capture, utilization, and retention.  It offers critical insights into data sources, utilization, and compliance gaps, empowering your organization to implement proper governance strategies.

  5. Driving Insights with AI Integration
    Ai Data Bridge's Unified Data Optic harnesses the power of AI integration, automating data processing and uncovering hidden insights.  Our advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities detect patterns, predict trends, and provide a competitive edge.

  6. AI-infused Advanced Analytics and Insights
    Ai Data Bridge leverages advanced analytics capabilities to provide valuable insights into data usage and trends.  This helps your organization gain a deeper understanding of its data and make data-driven decisions to enhance its operations and strategies.

  7. Ai Data Bridge Assessment
    The Ai Data Bridge Assessment component focuses on data recognition and utilization.  It provides insights into the frequency of data access, enabling you to implement effective retention policies.  By identifying data sensitivity exposure, your organization can better protect its data and mitigate risks.

  8. Ai Data Bridge Assessment
    The Ai Data Bridge Assessment provides your organization with a comprehensive understanding of its stored data.  It offers insights into the number of custodians enabled, available licenses, total data volume, and monitoring of job statuses and eDiscovery processes.  This helps you effectively manage your data storage and legal obligations.

  9. Integration with Ai Data Bridge
    Ai Data Bridge's Unified Data Optic seamlessly integrates with other components of Ai Data Governance Tool Box ecosystem.  This integration enhances data management capabilities by providing advanced insights, profiling, and automated lifecycle policies for data retention.  The unified ecosystem streamlines data management processes, maximizing the value of data assets.

  10. Future-Proof Solution
    Ai Data Bridge's Unified Data Optic is designed to adapt to emerging technologies and evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring your organization can navigate changes without disruption.  It offers scalability and integration capabilities, enabling your organization to grow and leverage new opportunities while maintaining compliance and data management practices.

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