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Data Governance Tool Box

Introduction: Ai Data Governance Tool Box

Welcome to the Ai Data Governance Tool Box, our next-generation solution developed and powered by PremCloud Resources to effectively manage your organization’s entire data estate and maximize the unrealized potential ROI of your Big Data.  Our revolutionary toolbox offers a wide range of AI-infused technologies for accessing, identifying, enriching, indexing, classifying, profiling, routing, cleansing, removing, storing, governing, securing, unifying, and searching data.  Ai Data Governance revolutionizes data management with a choice of a universal SaaS or on-premise deployments of its AI-driven capabilities [allowing for rapid and seamless integration with existing systems].  Our agnostic set of tools offers advanced control over your organization’s entire data estate while dramatically increasing your data ROI.


Ai Data Governance Tool Box: Ai Data Bridge and Ai Data Ocean

At the heart of the Ai Data Governance Tool Box are two main tool kits: Ai Data Bridge and Ai Data Ocean.  By utilizing the full capabilities of the Ai Data Governance Tool Box, your organization can unify its data sources, optimize storage, dramatically reduce costs, ensure compliance, and finally realize the enormous potential ROI of your Big Data assets.  Through Ai Data Bridge and Ai Data Ocean's comprehensive data ecosystem and centralized repositories, your organization can embark on a data-driven journey that drives AI innovation, compliance, and strategic decision-making [while dramatically reducing data storage costs].

Ai Data Bridge, featuring its innovative Data Connect, Ai Data Detect, and Ai Smart Data Router tools, delivers magic.  Ai Data Bridge turns all of your organization’s Unstructured Data [including its troublesome Dark Data] into Actionable Smart Data [ADS], and once your organization has Actionable Smart Data, the Ai Smart Router re-routes this data to the most appropriate, useful, and cost-effective destination [based on your organization's own Policy, Use, and Compliance Demands]  … the ROT is disposed of, and the remaining data is Re-Tiered as Actionable Smart Data for its most effective and cost-efficient storage - allowing for dramatic data storage cost savings, effective cost allocation, elimination of risk, full compliance, and recognition of the full ROI potential and utilization of your organization’s entire Big Data estate.

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