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Ai Data Detect

$3M License in Perpetuity

  • No Additional License or Subscription Fees Ever


  • Unlimited Use


  • Full Data Ownership
    with Full Realization of Your Data’s Value 


[$1M Unlimited Annual License is also available]

Market Calcification

Data archiving and storage is a mature sector where industry leaders have already carved out their niche with marginal competitive advantages.  And rather than being challenged by a competitive market buoyed by innovation, there is lethargy - and growth is generally driven only by acquisition.  


ZNZ Resources’ Ai Data Detect’s $3M License in Perpetuity is unmatchable because we provide our customers with:


  • Unlimited Use in Perpetuity

  • No Additional License or Subscription Fees Ever

  • Ownership and Full Control of Their Data


Data growth during economic turmoil.

At ZNZ Resources, we are buoyed by the fact that data compliance, as well as Big Data itself, will continue to increase in every enterprise, every institution, and every government who are relentlessly creating massive amounts of Dark Data that needs to be identified, archived, secured, managed, and utilized.  


Regardless of advances in technology or the economy, ZNZ Resources advanced data governance tools are needed more than ever for the data solutions, bias-free human-augmented AI, and professional services we provide better than anyone else in the world.  Our Ai Data Detect and next-generation Smart Archiving prowess remain of strategic importance and value to all our customers worldwide.


The future’s so bright - we gotta wear shades.

Ai Data Detect

4 Main Benefits

  1. Modernize Your Archive
    Modernize all your legacy data storage, including all of your legacy archives.

  2. Cure Dark Data
    Your avalanche of Dark Data needs to be securely connected to, identified, classified, profiled, reduced, and routed.

  3. Reduce Storage Costs
    Ai Data Detect recognizes and disposes of all your data ROT, dramatically reducing your escalating data storage costs.  And that’s just for starters.

  4. Expand Your Reach
    Every one of your enterprise customers really need a Data Governance Cure for their Dark Data, and it is a great addition to your current offerings [whether you are a service or product base supplier].

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